queer folk, inc.

queer folk, inc. is a Detroit-based, ***** folk **** ***** ***** that dares to be unique, experimental, and revolutionary in its approach to producing and ********** the ***** of queer folk and allies. we pride ourselves on lowercase letters, appropriate punctuation, improvisational ***** composition, untrained but refined ******** *****, and the availability of ***** advocacy resources for our members and *******. we take our rights to intellectual property seriously without opposition to the occasional word-of-mouth pass-along of the ***** you find here.

queer folk ******* is experimenting with Facebook Conversion Tracking. This means that when you visit this web site, third parties may use cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies to collect or receive information from this website and elsewhere on the internet and use that information to provide measurement services and target ads.

		<!-- Facebook Conversion Code for queer folk page views-->
		<script>(function() {

so, what you see above is the Facebook Conversion Code for our page. let's have a look at it and try to understand what it's doing.

line #1:<!-- Facebook Conversion Code for queer folk page views-->

   This is known as a comment. Comments begin with <!-- tags. They end with --> tags. Like all HTML code, tags are symmetrical. If there is an opening tag, then there will inevitably be a closing tag that encloses the text in-between the two tags that is symmetrical with the opening tag. Opening tags can be considered commands that "begin" something. Closing tags can be thought of as "periods" at the end of a sentence. They end the "command." So, in line #1, the "command" is something akin to "Ignore everything until you see my end." The period simply stops the comment. get it?

line #2:<script>(function() {

   There are a few things happening here. Well, two to be exact. First, there is a command that says "Everything that is between me and my closing tag are instructions that should be executed by the browser when the context of executing code in the browser calls upon my code to be executed." What in sam hell does that mean? Well, in every browser, there is a script engine. The script engine is called upon to "execute" each instruction it is given. When the browser interprets the HTML code in a web page, it follows the commands that it is given. In this case, the <script> tag is telling the browser to get ready to start issuing commands to the script engine. These commands are not the same as the commands that "tags" create. Rather, script commands are machine-level instructions that tell the browser what to do programmatically. They are slightly more abstract than "tag" commands. The nitty-gritty of these types of commands are difficult to explain. Essentially, they are the core of what it means to "program" a computer...only, when you're talking about <script> tags, you're not programming the "computer" per se; you're programming the tiny computer inside the computer that is in your browser. think of the browser as a mini-computer that is encapsulated by the big computer that sits around it. and what limits the power of what can be done in a <script> tag/command is that it can only issue commands to the mini-computer that is inside the browser, but not to the big computer that is said to "host" the mini-computer.

   I find it difficult to explain concepts in computer science to people who don't see computers the same way I see them. this little exercise has shown me some of the reasons I feel so disconnected from people. i can't even explain what i comprehend well enough to allow another person who does not comprehend these concepts to comprehend them like i do. this is the most frustrating aspect of who i am and what i know. what i see is so exclusively in my own mind, it makes me feel alienated and alone.

if you want to opt out of the Facebook Conversion Tracking mechanism on our site, please start by visiting About Ads.info and educate yourself about how your behavior is currently being tracked by hundreds, if not thousands of companies, including ours, all around the internet. we aren't suggesting that we are comfortable with this tool. we aren't even sure we know how to make it useful for us. however, we are launching this experiment so we can fully understand the features that this pixel technology provides. when we can see the statistics gathered from this tool, we can take a more educated position on the issue. right now, we don't have enough factual, tangible information about the pros and cons of using this technology. in fact, there are only a few people, if there are any at all, who can grasp the long-term impact that such technology could have on our global society. it needs to be studied, understood, and its psychological and sociological impact must be measured and fully comprehended.

we can tell you that we have no interest in the data collected by this web-beacon because nobody really comes to our site. the few people that wander onto it are relatively unknown to us. it's difficult to produce such raw and open music and know so little about the audience it is reaching. perhaps, over time, we will take a greater interest in the people who show an interest in us. but right now, we haven't the time nor the inclination to really study the data that Facebook will gather on our behalf.

however, all that said, what is important for you to recognize is that Facebook will be aware of the audience that congregates on our site because we have installed the web-beacon on it. this means a few things for you as one of our fans, potential fans, friends, family members, and loved ones. it means that by taking an interest in our web site and visiting it, you are exposing yourself to the risks associated with being visible to Facebook for taking such an interest in our site. so, who exactly comprises this "Facebook" entity that would have this additional knowledge that we are allowing them to have? well, the CEO, for one. and then, potentially, various Members of the Board of Directors, friends and family of the executives at Facebook, and a host of other interested parties connected to the highest leadership at Facebook. so what? well, if you've been "marked" by the people that run in those circles, much like Amrit Kohli has been, then their interest in his fans, friends, family members, and such has often gone beyond curiosity. when you are engulfed into the vortex of what it means to know, like, love, care for, admire, and otherwise be interested in the music of and evocations of Amrit Kohli, you become part of this huge family of little minions that run around studying not only my behavior, but the behavior of people who take an interest in the radical politics and rather provocative lyrics sung by Amrit Kohli. the CIA has been well-known to infiltrate such communities in the past, like they did with John Lennon, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr., and any number of other political dissidents throughout their organization's history. so, you've come here for a reason, and i promise you that the web-beacon on this web site could potentially identify you to Facebook, and as such, also mark you as a person who is interested in what we are doing, saying, producing, and otherwise distributing. so, your behavior is keyed and indexed and combed over to determine a few things about you - are you a threat? are you a fan? are you a friend? are you a random stranger just passing through? and so on...

the matter of whether you are a threat or not is difficult to explain. honestly, given the kind of person i am, given who i am, i would likely walk right into a den of wolves and expect to come out alive. so, there are scores of intelligent, wonderfully alert, audacious, and incredibly loving angels of mercy that are constantly vigilant over our safety. we still believe in the innate goodness of people. unfortunately, that is incompatible with safety and survival in our country. it has always been by under-estimating the forces of evil that evil has taken from us the good. but we refuse to allow evil to win our allegiance by demonstrating that we am not afraid of evil. we am not fond of it, but we am not afraid of it. we will not be afraid to die. we will not be afraid to live. we will simply rely upon the guiding hands of God and his Wife to carry us through Life, knowing that They will release us, condemn us, liberate us, equalize us, strengthen us, weaken us, provide for us, take away from us, teach us, command us, and hear us. it will be with Them that we will gather in numbers and organize ourselves for revolt against evil. what is evil? violence. violence is evil. the act of taking life is evil. the act of psychological torture committed by one human being toward another is evil. and so, we have concluded that as we gather in numbers, we will gain strength enough to march against evil, organize against evil, and overcome evil. those that oppose us, they will be handled by God and His Wife. we will sacrifice. we will fall down. we will endure grievous injustices. we will be silenced. we will be beaten. we may even be killed. but we will not then arm ourselves and revolt with the very evil we are enduring so that we can liberate ourselves from it. we will revolt with the steadfast principles of non-violence as taught by Mahatma Gandhi, relying upon the powers of satyagraha to carry us out of our pain and discontent without resorting to actions that would make us participants in the very evils we are deposing.

so, please do not threaten us. please do not bring evil to us. please do not accost us. please do not torture us. please do not hurt us. please do not deny us our right to be peaceful beings in this nation. if you violate the tenants of these simple principles of non-violence, then you will be considered a threat, and it will be between you, the angels of mercy that surround us, God, and His Wife to determine your fate. we judge you not. we only plead with you to keep your stake in evil to yourselves, amongst yourselves, and without us because we will not abide by the rules of evil as you will not abide by the rules of non-violence. it is that line between us that cannot, indeed, must not be crossed. let us alone. we will let you alone. in the end, it will be God and His Wife that decides which ones of us survive the evolution that our non-violent revolt against evil will bring about.

please leave us a message. the contact form below will allow you to express yourselves to us. say what you will. we are not afraid. you should not be afraid. find the power in yourself...because...only you...only you know the truth about yourself.

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